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We’re happy to answer any and all questions. Click below to see some of the more commonly asked questions with answers. Please feel free to get in touch with us for any others.
What is a General Liability Insurance Certificate?
Not “Self-Insured.” You need to know if your contractor carries general liability insurance for both commercial and residential projects. A sizable contractor will carry no less than $500,000, and usually around $1,000,000 of coverage. If your contractor’s insurance policy cannot cover potential damages, then the contractor would be personally liable. If they cannot cover the damages, you will have no legal recourse and will end up paying for the repairs or even a new roof yourself. Over 75% of roofing companies do not carry proper insurance coverage to protect you against losses.
What is a “LIEN WAIVER” Letter at job completion?
A lien waiver is simply a document signed by a potential lien claimant (such as a contractor or supplier) stating that they waive their right to file a construction lien against the property, in some amount or for some period of time, usually in exchange for payment but you must demand that it be given to you upon completion and certainly before you make your last payment. Very few contractors will be able to provide this ultimate level of consumer protection for you.
Are Trade Association Certificates of Standing important?
Yes! Belonging to trade associations implies quality and ethical integrity on the part of the contractor. Associations like the National Roofing Contractor Association and the Roofing Contractors Association of Florida are common associations.
Do roofers need a State Certified License?

Yes, a roofer should be able to produce a license stating they are qualified according to certain standards. There is no national (or local) governing board. A state issues the license, not counties. The roofer should also be able to produce a list of what those standards are.

Do individual roofers need to be certified?
Yes! Sometimes a contractor will try to use their certification for the entire staff. Make sure every individual member is qualified and knowledgeable. Think about it, the person who really needs the knowledge is the person doing the job, not necessarily the owner of the company!


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